Mediasphere Ltd.

Established in 1999 by Matt Such to provide the transport sector with 3D visualisation services, we have now grown to team of 6 creative 3D artists and programmers offering designers and manufacturers 3D modelling, visualisation, animation and interactive tools to assist in the communication of the new product development process. Since late 2014 we have been moving more into the Virtual world offering VR solutions for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive.


We create 3D photo-realistic imagery and animations which can help to visualize any design project. The output can be included within tender proposals, advertising campaigns or exhibition graphics. We can either produce the 3D models from design ideas/sketches/photographs, enhance existing models - adding intricate details or receive and work with huge engineering data sets.


An interactive configurator app can help communicate the possibilities on offer during key sales and marketing meetings, assist in the pricing activities and help to speed up the logistics and ordering process from the earliest point within the sales negotiation process. With true, fully rendered colourways for each option we do not rely on layered/cut-out methods. It can automatically output multi-page brochures and pano-tours.

Virtual Reality

We have embraced the move towards VR since late 2014, offering fully immersive Oculus Rift experiences and ultra mobile Samsung gear VR apps. The future of visualisation enables the user to evaluate scale and proportion and experience the new design only achievable through model making or prototyping. New product development, marketing and exhibition experiences and training sectors will be transformed.


An interactive 360° VR is the pano-tour, a bolt on CGI output or photography based 360° tour. Utilizing the gyroscope and accelerometer of modern tablets and phones can help to augment the experience providing a magic window into the new or existing world. We can develop fully intergrated overlay graphics and tour maps, integrate info/training videos and technical information.

Industry sectors